Thursday, July 16, 2015

New Motors!

After the disappointment of trying to use the 28BYJ-48 as a drive motor for my robot, I purchased some DC Gearbox motors from Pololu to use as drive motors. These motors are a bit pricey at $36.95 each, but they are powerful, and have built-in encoders for monitoring the rotation.

I built a test circuit using a L293D H-Bridge integrated circuit. My initial circuit was quite simple. The L293D has 2 independent H-Bridges which can control 2 motors. Each motor has 2 inputs which are signals from the controller. In my case, the controller was an Arduino using PWM (pulse width modulation) outputs. The chip then has 2 outputs which can drive the motor using a high voltage, high current source, VS, which can be up to 36V according to the data sheet.

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  1. can you please give any details on how to drive pololu dc motors with encoder with l298n using arduino and its code.